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SeaWorld Aquatica

Opening in March of 2008, SeaWorld proudly presents Aquatica, its newest water park. Unlike any other mainland water park, Sea World plans to create the largest, most exciting, most intense water park travelers can visit. The park plans to have 36 different water slides, 6 rivers and lagoons, and over 80,00sq feet of beaches.

One thing very very few other water parks are able to offer, is the signature water slide of Aquatica. In this slide, the rider is rocketed through a tunnel underwater to see Commerson Dolphins swimming. On other rides, the guest will experience free flight exotic birds as they coast along rivers and slides. Aquatica gives guests a great view of exotic animals to make itself unique.

As already stated, the park features lots of exotic animals. The Commerson Dolphins, for example, resemble the famous Shamu in a very real way because of their black and white coloration and shape. But unlike Shamu, they are smaller and much more agile swimmers providing an even more exciting experience in the tunnel. As well as the fish, the park features several varieties of Macaws, that fun-seekers can gaze as they pass underneath.

  • Opens March 1st 2008
  • Almost 60 acres!
  • Two connected Wave Pools
  • 36 Waterslides, 6 Rivers and Lagoons
  • 80,000 Square Feet of Beach
  • World's Largest Water Play Area
  • Elevated Rain Fortress over 15,000 square foot pool
  • Extensive Animal Encounters
  • Features Black and White Commerson Dolphins
  • Private Beach Cabanas
Aquatica Pic

In order to maintain its status as a unique water park, Aquatica plans to incorporate many of its rides and animal habitats. Several rides are to give you very close looks at the wonderful creatures in the park from different vantage points and speeds. Enjoy everything from the speed of the ride, to the pretty sights along the trip.

Don't worry about the littlest swimmers though. Sea World's Aquatica will cater to the young ones by erecting one of the world's largest water play areas. The pinnacle of this area is the rain fortress which will be sixty feet above a 15,000sq foot pool. Water cannons, slides, and plenty of family activity will make the water play area of Aquatica the perfect place to have fun for a growing family. The ones so young, they have to be carried can also slide with mom and dad down tunnels in a special water raft.



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