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Zoological Park

Enter the enchanted, tropical world of the Central Florida Zoo, a relaxing, entertaining and educational experience for the entire family. Discover a world of animals from around the world within this intimate park nestled in the heart of Florida. Stroll along shaded, winding boardwalks and paths as you see towering elephants, search for elusive cheetahs, appreciate the beauty of bright-faced mandrills and listen to the song of the kookaburra. Or dare to meet some of the world’s most venomous reptiles and non-venomous snakes, lizards and frogs in the Herpetarium.

The Zoological Park is an educational experience for the whole family and is filled with lots of animals to learn about and what they do in the zoo. Learn about the animals that are endangered and ways you can help to protect them from going extinct. The Central Florida Zoological Park takes pride in educating families and students about various animals in the zoo and what the role those animals play here on earth.

See some of the new animals at the zoo like the rare Puerto Rican crested toads, also the endangered Amur Leopards, the venomous king cobra and colorful hyacinth macaws. Look at the recently transformed Garden butterfly which senses human and insect senses.

There are about 75,000 school children that participate in educational programs every year learn and protecting the animals. Animals are the importance of biodiversity and animal study. The zoo has important programs like Two-to-the-zoo for the second grade students and Curric-zoo-lum for third grade students.

The mission at the Central Florida Zoological Park is dedicated to preserving the beauty, health, and nature of the animals and their habitants. Helping children understand animals and what they do that makes them so special.

The history of the zoo started as the Sanford Zoo in 1923, with a collection of different animals that was donated by the Fire Department in Sanford. The Central Florida Zoological Society opened it's doors at it presented where the new zoo was going to be built and still to this day it continues to grow as Seminole County's premier recreational and educational attraction in Florida today.

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