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Universal CityWalk is the wonderful attraction that combines Universal Studios together with Universal's Islands of Adventure. Here visitors can find the perfect blend of entertainment, dining, cinemas, events, and shopping.
For entertainment visitors could watch the newly added Blue Man Group, sing at CityWalk's Rising Star, or go to a variety of different restaurant/nightclubs that include Red Coconut, Bob Marley, Pat O'Briens, the groove, Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville, Hard Rock Live. Visitors can also watch a movie in the high quality Movie Theater.

CityWalk Coupon:
At 9:30 the nightclubs of City Walk open. Many of these clubs are restaurants during the day however the mood is all changed when the sun goes down. Examples include Pat O'Briens, Latin Quarter, and Bob Marley. The coupon we have here grants customers a complimentary 2 for 1 drink order at any of the nightclubs of CityWalk. Be sure to take advantage of these coupons when preparing for a wonderful night out in Universal CityWalk Orlando.

Guests have the following dining options at CityWalk
Nascar Sports Grille: This new sports bar/restaurant is a new addition to the CityWalk arsenal. Equipped with more than enough TV's, guests can enjoy all of the most exciting sports each and every night. A great feature is the table-side plasma screens which means you can choose whatever you want to watch if it so happens to not be showing on the display's, though the occurrence of that is highly unlikely.

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.: Inspired from the movie Forrest Gump, this restaurant is all about the shrimp. Though there are other selections for steaks and sandwiches, one could not come here without getting a taste of it's specialty. Bubba Gump is open until midnight so it is a great place to eat after watching a movie at the cinema just across the way.

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville: Margaritaville is not only one of the biggest hits in CityWalk, but one of the most decorated venue's as well. This is the perfect environment for those looking to party after a late dinner because that all can be done here. Have a meal at the main dining room order your drinks from one or all of it's three bars, each inspired around Jimmy Buffett songs. There is even an outdoor area where you can drink or dine under Jimmy Buffett's very own seaplane called the Hemisphere Dancer. Since it's opening, Margaritaville has become such a big hit among the locals, they took Thursday night to designate it as "Locals' Night" with drink specials, live music, and the chance to win prizes.

Bob Marley - A Tribute to Freedom: Arranged like his actual home in Kingston, Jamaica, the live band and great Jamaican food will surely have you up and dancing to Reggae hits by the time you leave. The wonderful environment, Red Stripe, and regular crowd is the closest one would get to Jamaica without actually ever going. The live band that performs here each night also does the best renditions of your favorite Bob Marley songs.

Hard Rock Cafe Orlando: It is a must to visit this restaurant at least once when in the Orlando area for several reasons. One is have you ever dined in a restaurant with a pink Cadillac spinning around above the bar? Another is because the location in CityWalk is the largest in the world! So take a visit and enjoy not only the food, but the large collection of rock 'n roll memorabilia as well.

Emeril's Restaurant Orlando: Created by the famed chef, Emeril Lagasse, this is the exclusive restaurant for those looking for a sophisticated meal kicked up several notches. Customers can enjoy Creole-based gourmet entree's in an open kitchen where you can watch the chefs cook up your order.  back to Florida attractionsback to home page

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