All the thrills of skydiving and Hang Gliding! 
Fun for all ages! Up to three can fly at the same time. Open daily until late.

The Skycoaster consists of three, 300 foot towers. The Flyers are harnessed in and slowly drawn up on two independent steel cables, rated at 9000 pounds apiece. On the way up, the view is spectacular!  Flyers receive views of the attractions around Orlando and Kissimmee that can only be rivaled by helicopter tour rides. Once at the top, the countdown is heard...3-2-1-FLY and they're off.  Free-falling 120 feet, accelerating to speeds up to 80 miles per hour.

What a rush as the ground gets closer and closer before swinging out over our beautiful lake and barely missing the 50 foot fountain. The Skycoaster is unique in that the drop is not a complete free fall. You are swung down from the drawn out cables which means you feel the G's! Almost anyone can fly the Skycoaster with flyers ages ranging from 4 all the way to 91. For those looking for extreme thrills, make sure to include the Skycoaster in your itinerary as well as the roller coasters of the parks.

2850 Florida Plaza Blvd.
Kissimmee, FL 34746


Sky Coaster - 2800 Florida Plaza Blvd. at Hwy 192 - KissimmeeSkyCoaster - World's Tallest Adrenaline Pump

SAVE $5.00 
per flight
SkyCoaster - 2850 Florida Plaza Blvd. at Hwy. 192, Kissimmee
Valid at any central Florida SkyCoaster location, but not with other offers.

Print this coupon and bring it with you to Skycoaster  

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