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Fun Spot Action Park

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If your driving down international drive and you see a Ferris Wheel then you've found Fun Spot! Family go-karting has been taken to new extremes here, with 4 different tracks all challenging drivers in different ways. Racing up and over and around and around with your derriere inches from the ground is a lot of fun! If you desire some contact there are also bumper cars and bumper boats and of course a huge video arcade! Smaller children have their own mini adventures on 7 rides and it's fair to say that all ages will thoroughly enjoy their visit.

Fun spot is a big park with rides, go-kart, Ferris wheel, arcade and is all compact with of course fun. When you get to the park you won't know what ride to go on first. There is just so much rides. Lots of fast racing cars to get on that will have the wind blowing through your hair and your foot on the pedal. When you have the arcade and a picnic table upstairs of the main building, bumper cars, bumper boats, the Ferris wheel, paratrooper, carousel, merry-go-round, and so much more rides.

What's nice about the park is that when you get into the park they give you this bracelet that allows you to exit the park for food and return later that day to get back to the fun. Fun spot is considered one the best places to drive go-karts get on Ferris wheel and just have fun.




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