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Ripley's Believe It Or Not

Believe it or Not, Ripley while doing a segment on  his weekly radio show,  introduced white water rafting as a competative sport. It just so happens that his white-water trainer was non-other than president elect Barry Goldwater!!  

 For over forty years the adventurous Robert Ripley explored the uncanny and amazing mysteries of the earth. His travels took him around the world in search of the unbelievable and inexplicable. First published in 1929, Robert Ripley's works were read worldwide in over 300 newspapers, translated into 17 languages and held a readership of over 80 million. Each of the 27 museums worldwide are 90% unique from the others. Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museums are proud to offer you this fantastic collection of the world's strangest oddities!

This 1907 Silver Ghost Rolls Royce was made by Reg Pollard of Manchester, England from 63 pints of glue and 1,016,711 ordinary matchsticks! This 13 feet authentically detailed 3/4 scale model, complete with moving engine parts, wheels that turn, and lights that work took Mr. Pollard 4,609 man-hours, spread over fifteen months, to build! Suffering from acute arthritis, Mr. Pollard made over 550 matchstick models during his lifetime. Believe It or Not!

Ripley's is filled with unique things that make it so strange but cool. There are people that come into Ripley's and say that the items in the store are not real but they are. Ripley has traveled the world to look for unique people doing unique things and have unique collections.

Located in Orlando, Florida Ripley's is famous for it's large collection of artifacts and unbelievable figures. It stands out from the rest collection holders on having the most unbelievable collection in Florida.

So come and visit us on International Drive to see strange and unbelievable figures, unique and something's colorful in it's own way.

Believe It Or Not


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