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Silver Springs

Take a break from your ordinary day and travel back in time, to a place in Florida where you can just come and relax and visit some amazing animal's. There are plenty of rides and attractions at Silver Springs to fill you with the wonders and expose you to a diversity of unique animal's and nature that you won't find anywhere else.

We are inviting you to come down to Silver Springs and explore the stunning beauty of this nature's theme park. Silver Springs is located at the headwaters of the beautiful Silver Springs River, the largest artesian spring formation in the world.

The world of fascinating and different creatures, take a wonderful ride on the river boat as you see animal's and listen to the history of the river and it's secret's. Drift out over the crystal clear springs and marvel at the breathtaking views of fish, alligators and turtles swimming beneath you. It's unlike anything that you ever felt before Silver Springs is truly a one of a kind nature's theme park it brings the wild the you up close and exclusive.
























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