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Iceburg shouted ship's lookout Reginald Lee on April 14, 1912 after iceburg warnings had been ignored throughout the day. Hard to starboard commanded 1st Officer William Murdoch, but it was already to late, five compartments where filling with water. After a brief inspection by senior ship officers at 12:05a.m. it was determined that the ship would meet its watery grave... 

The Titanic Experience is one of the most unique and innovative presentations of a timeless story to date. Captured for the first time through the magic of cutting-edge technology, the Titanic has full-scale scenic environments, re-creations of actual rooms from the ship (including the Grand Staircase), and live interactive interpretations by storytellers in period costume. The exhibit also showcases priceless artifacts and historic treasures from some of the most prestigious private collections in the world, many on public display for the first time.

The Titanic exhibition was constructed based on the actual ship that went down in frigid water when it hit an iceberg and than started to sink quickly. You can take a tour around the titanic exhibition see all the different rooms and the grand staircase, take pictures that will remind about the ship and the history about the Titanic. View the artifact displays, memorial wall and even buy a present at the gift shop for a friend or family member that loves the Titanic so they will cherish it forever.

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Titanic Experience presents the only full scale titanic room recreations in existence today, including the world famous beautiful grand staircase. There are about 200 and over priceless artifacts and historic treasures from some of the most prestigious private collections in the world and many of them on display for the very first time for people to view them.

Discover the dramatic stories of her passengers and crew and see what they went through while that while the ship was sinking, feeling fear and the thought of going to die in ice cold water is not ever a good feeling. Visit the memorial wall and see the names of the people that endured cold while they were on the ship. Step into the luxurious room where the wealthy people stay at and visit the ballroom where you would dance to slow pace music in they long dresses.

The Titanic experience is an event to remember and cherish, honor people that was aboard the ship and learn about the history of why the Titanic was such an important ship and why it was place as a historic ship and still remains historic till this day.



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