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Wonder Works

Wonderworks is not hard to spot! This upside-down oddity on International Drive (the result of a run in with a tornado, so they say!) contains dozens of interactive games and displays that are fun and educational for the whole family. All areas of the 3-story building are very hands-on and challenge kids both mentally and physically. The design and ride your own rollercoaster gets good reviews, as does the laser tag. Hey, anything that involves kids running around zapping people with laser guns is bound to be big! The virtual basketball is very entertaining and if you want to upset Mom introduce her to computer aging!

When you step inside this unique and odd building the roof is the floor of the building, you go to the ticket boot where you check in for your reservations to get into to all the games. you enter through the back of the boot where you'll be walking on a board like structure that makes you like it's going to flip over and throw you out. You then arrive at the game section of the building where there a chamber that allows you to go in and experience hurricane winds of 135mph which is really fun, there's also a circular table where you sit and it talks to you about earthquakes in California and allows you to feel an earthquake as it happens. There's also 3D animation where you put a helmet on your head and battle aircraft from attacking you airstrip.

Now head upstairs where you'll be surrounded with more games and activities to play, lay on the nail bed as you lay there and the nails raises under your back and head. Create gigantic soap bubbles or see how fast and accurate you can throw a baseball and have the baseball legend hit it. Sit on a stool and see if you can pull your weight all the way to the top and back down, try to trace wonderworks drawing without going inside the lines, build a wall of bricks by using robotic arm while you and your team mate build bricks upon bricks to create a solid brick wall.

Not having enough fun no problem head on up or should I say down to the basement which is on the third floor where you can release your inner child side with plenty of arcade games and the world's largest laser tag room. Get suited with your gear and be prepared to get wild and crazy, you go into this huge room and let the games begin. you have about 25minutes to get as much points as you can before it's come to a stop. Once you get out of the room there is a screen that show's you how much you scored who got the highest and who got the lowest score.

Feeling hungry for all you can eat pizza, beverages and popcorn, well head back down to the main floor for the out of control magic show and dinner. Grab a sit and munch of the hot buttery popcorn while you wait for the show to begin, your servers then come around the table and ask for your beverage selection. As the show begins they bring hot delicious pizza to your table while the magicians entertain you with tricks and funny joke to keep you happy and laughing. They select people from the audience to come on stage and be a part of the show, teach them cool tricks while making fun of them. The magic show is bizarre and will have you laughing until you drop.

Wonderworks is entertaining for the family, it is made to have fun and to keep you happy and wanting more.









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